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This sample page gives you a quick and easy template for you contact page. It hosts the contact form, as well as other information for visitors.



IZIZROPA was the idea of fostering European-Israeli relations when I was 27 years old. The foundation served to analyze and foster many discussions around this subject. But over time my activity expanded and IZROPA became an umbrella organization over my activities. I run the Holocaust Memorial Partnership and the project this became very succesfull: the Asuchwitz Virtual Tour. Being the Holocaust educator gives me a lot of satisfaction. For the last 7 years I have been participating at the European Association of Israel Studies, becoming more and more involved in this activity on the strategic level. I am fully dedicated to this organization and helping them/us to develop many online activities. Along with the EAIS we are starting the strategic project of bringing experts and specialists from Israeli-Polish relations. We plan to form Polish-Israeli Group of Strategic Dialogue that will enable us to neutralize the crisi that exists between Poland and Israel since 2017.

BBut even now I feel that my activity and naturally the activity of IZROPA needs to expand. In my eyes Holocaust was always extermely important and interesting issue: this represent the biggest crime of our civilazation. From the civilizational point of view understanding Holocaust allow us to prevent genocides and atrocities from heppeneing in the future. Israeli-Palestinian conflict, that I addressed in my PhD represents one of the most complicated conflict in the human history. All of it led me to start the project that inevitably aims to look into the future.

IIn 2022 I will start the project: New Humanism F. that will deal with the current transformation of our world. Pandemic triggered the new era. It really catalyzed the process that has been accelerating in the last couple of years. The process of digitizing our reality. But pandemic transformed this process and currently the change affects every bite of our lives. And I pose the question: what kind of political and social system will we have in the future? How will liberalism evolve? How will our ethics change in the upcoming decades? New Humanism F. will address all those issues regarding the humanistic transformation of our world.

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